Festoon Light Hire in Brisbane - Go Professional!

Based on our research, the best place for variety and quality festoon light hire in Brisbane is from Brisbane Festoon Hire. Our festoon is 30% cheaper on average than known competitors, we only stock the best lighting equipment for hire and we regularly check and service all of our lighting hire equipment in accordance with government test and tag requirements, and for our peace of mind knowing that we are providing the pinnacle of festoon, pendant and fairy light hire services.

We know that the marque hire company that's putting up the ceiling for your event stocks festoon, but in our experience, the boys are trained to put up event spaces in a hurry, they are not experienced in lighting design or functionality, they charge more for labour and their gear is often dirty, broken or has been misused so many times that it's lost it's character. We've even seen festoon put up with different sized bulbs and colour! Not because that's what the client ordered, but because that's what they client received when they hired from a dodgy provider who had more interest in making a quick buck, than providing the client with the wedding they dreamed of.

Lesson learnt; Hire marques from the marque guys and let the lighting guys provide the lights. Is it hard to manage two suppliers? Not really, in most cases both teams are professional and work together for your peace of mind, at the end of the day, it's all about the best result for you.