Festoon Light Hire

Our festoon strands come in 10 or 20 metre lengths with clear fancy round warm white lamps as standard with frosted cool white and coloured lamp options also available. Our incandescent festoon is dimmable if required, and features less than a metre spacing between bulbs with an optional rubber seal on each socket for increased water protection from rain during outdoor events. 

25m connectable festoon strands are available for applications requiring a single continuous length.

Brisbane Festoon Hire provides pole kit hire for grass and base plate kits for installation on concrete and solid surfaces. Based on our research our 20 metre festoon light hire is 30% CHEAPER than our competitors in Brisbane

Festoon Pole Hire

If you need to create an overhead festoon or fairy light canopy outside, our festoon poles for installation on grass or dirt include a single 3.2m structural aluminium pole, 2 x star pickets, and a clamp and shackle assembly to safely attach festoon or fairy lights. 

Setting up on solid surfaces like concrete? We have weighted base plate options available too!

Our pole kits ensure that your creation is installed safely and neatly with the ultimate stability for a temporary structure.

Brisbane Festoon Hire also stocks lighting truss and rigging accessories for larger jobs requiring heavy duty structures for the ultimate lighting designs. Not sure what you need? Ask us!

Fairy Light Hire

Fairy lights have been a captivating attraction for generations...

With the innovation of LED technology, they shine better than ever! And with multiple colour options and lengths, you can mix and match to suit the look and theme of your upcoming event with ease.

Brisbane Festoon Hire stocks cool and warm white fairy light options in 20m, 50m and 100m commercial quality lengths.

Our 100m strands have 1000 individual LEDs per strand - creating a dense fairy light canopy is easy with commercial quality fairy lights! Need them installed? Request a quote today!

GIANT Light Up Letter Hire

1.5m light up letter, number and symbol hire starting from $77!

Make an impression with our giant 1.5m high light up letter hire! Our giant letters will certainly make an impact, catching the attention of those near and far with meaningful words and punchy phrases.

We have over 100 x 1.5m tall letters, numbers and symbols in stock ready to go! Submit your quote request now with the words, numbers and symbols that you require to ensure they are reserved for your event date.

Choose between remote controllable coloured bulbs, frosted warm white and clear warm white vintage bulbs!

Our Range Includes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, @, &, #, !, stars, hearts, arrows and more! Multiple are available for words and numbers with more than one of the same letter or numeral.

Fairy Light Curtain Hire

Create a stunning backdrop, or cover the walls of your venue with our ready to go 6m wide by 3m high fairy light curtains.

Alternatively we can custom build fairy light curtains to suit any shape and size, covering the walls of a venue, stage backdrops and more!

Our ready to go curtains, also known as fairy light waterfalls, can be used on their own in marques, on fences, gardens and hedges, or used with a chiffon drape to soften the light, a technique often used for bridal table backdrops.

If an extendable framing system is required to hold up the curtain, we can provide this at an additional cost, arranged to suit the size you need.

Pendant Light Hire

For the ultimate in custom lighting, our pendant light strands are perfect to create atmosphere and depth. Great for indoor venues, banquet tables, backdrop highlights, in floral arrangements or outdoor areas hung from tree limbs or safe structures.

Fitted with a light bulb socket on a 5 metre long black cable with a piggy back plug, these pendant lights are the perfect addition to any event where lighting is the desired effect to create warmth and depth within the space. Hang them at the same level or alternate your heights to create the desired look...

Our Pendant light hire includes your choice of fancy round or carbon filament (Edison bulb) lamps, and they have the ability to attach a range of pendant light options, from paper lanterns to lamp shades, cages and more!

Paper Lantern Hire

We offer a large range of options for paper lantern hire in Brisbane.

We stock 30cm & 60cm sphere lanterns and tube lanterns that can be attached to our individual pendant light cables or on festoon to create that classic lantern look.

Insert a warm white lamp, or create some atmosphere with our new coloured LED Bulbs!

View our prices and book online for DIY hire by clicking the link below.

Brisbane Festoon Hire - Fairy Light Chandelier Hire 1.jpg

Fairy Light Chandelier Hire

A new addition to our fairy light hire range! We now stock 60cm wide fairy light ball chandeliers.

These stunning fixtures glow with warm white LEDs that are flexible and can be spread and spaced amongst the ball with ease to create the look and feel that you desire.

They come with a 5 metre long power cable providing the ability to hang overhead from high and low rigging points or ceilings.

Perfect for use to centralise a fairy light canopy, in marque installations, function rooms, patios and more!

LED Stage and Wash Light Hire

Add vibrant colour and atmosphere to your event with our LED stage, flood and wash lighting range!

We stock a handfull of options to suit a variety of applications, small and large. Our small LED flat pars boast 7 x 3watt RGB 3-in-1 LEDs producing punchy colours, complete with a double yoke stand ready to hang or to be used as uplighting.

Our larger flat pars provide 12 bright 10watt 6-in-1 LEDs producing the standard red, green and blue colour mixing options along with white, amber and UV - great for larger coverage, stage and performance applications.

We also carry LED Truss mates, great for up lighting and outdoor LED floodlights for lighting up gardens and features.

Brisbane Festoon Hire - Hurrican Lantern Hire 1.jpg

LED Hurricane Lantern Hire

NEW! Our battery powered LED Hurricane Lanterns are a great new addition to our hire stock.

Our Hurricane Lanterns come in a rustic silver finish with 14 in-built LEDs that are dimmable to suit the level of brightness that you require for your installation. 

Hang them over your banquet table like pendants, use them on shepherds hooks to light pathways or place them around to provide a light solution in areas where transportable battery powered options are needed.

Available from $4.40

Chandelier Hire

We carry a large range of chandeliers and lighting fixtures to help you style your event with lighting to suit your theme and occassion. 

All of our lighting fixtures come with a piggy back plug and chain to safely rig and power the item in your chosen venue.

When it comes to Chandeliers and fixtures, we highly recommend the installation option to ensure safe transportation and placement of the item you are hiring.

From marques to established venues, we are sure to have something to suit your theme and budget!

Prices start from $25.00

Disco and Effects Lighting Hire

We have a massive range of disco and effects lighting options to suit birthday parties and the makeshift dancefloors of every occassion!

From disco balls to strobe lights, glow in the dark ultra-voilet bars, spinning, whirling and atmoshpere creating fun - we stock it all!

Add in a smoke or haze machine to create that extra bit of atmosphere and wow factor for your lighting effects.

Include them in your installation package with us, or DIY hire and pickup from our warehouse.

Need help deciding? Send us a message or give us a call!

LED Tea Light Candle Hire

We stock 240 rechargeable Flickering LED Tea Light Candles with glass votives ready for use at your upcoming event!

Perfect for weddings, dinner parties and corporate events, these rechargeable LED candles create a flickering warmth just like a real candle without the hazard of an exposed flame.

Supplied in sets of 16, these candle sets include a charging dock which supplies 12 hours of battery life when fully charged - perfect for all day events or multiple uses.


Power Cables, Distribution and Dimmers

We have all the power cabling you'll need to make sure your lighting creation comes to life! Brisbane Festoon Hire can also provide power distribution for designs requiring a larger power output and dimmers if dimming is a required option for your event or special occassion.

All of our equipment, festoon, fairy lights, pendants, dimmers, cables and distros are regularly checked and run through a compulsory test and tag procedure every 3 months as standard by government safety requirements.

You can be sure, when aquiring our services and equipment that you're in good hands, with the highest in quality and customer care. Brisbane Festoon Hire are the Festoon, Pendant and Fairy Light Hire Specialists! 


Can't find what you're looking for?

We have loads of lighting items that haven't made the leap onto our website yet, so be sure to send us a message and we'll see if we can help you out!

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