Pendant Light Hire in Brisbane - The Options...

Pendant Light Hire isn't common, bulbs break, cables get damaged, but Brisbane Festoon Hire gladly provides professional solutions for pendant lighting hire in all shapes and sizes.

We carry all types of vintage Edison bulbs in incandescent and LED lighting options. Brisbane Festoon Hire carries a large range of Pendant Light Hire options from standard cable and bulb, to caged pendants, lamp shades, lanterns and lighting fixtures.

We've seen and installed Pendant Lights in floral arrangements and spent hours suspending the pendant lighting over large banquet tables for magnificent country weddings and formal affairs.
Pendant Lighting is a great way to add warmth and atmosphere to your event, and with LED pendant lighting, it's easier than ever to create a lighting masterpiece with low power consumption.

View previous installations of our pendant lights for hire in our inspiration gallery or talk to one of our professional team to get plans for your event underway!